The Human Resources department of ANCR works to attract and retain a skilled work force that is capable of providing excellent service, which meets the requirements of the Child and Family Services Act.

Mission Vision and Values

ANCR has an active and strong commitment to its mission, vision and values. Employees are expected to be familiar with these foundational statements, and to integrate them into their work practice and performance.

Indigenous Employment Strategy

ANCR strives to achieve a staff compliment that is reflective of the population we serve. Indigenous children and families are over-represented in the child welfare system. Our strategy moves us towards an environment of increased cultural safety and increasingly culturally appropriate service.

Designated Positions

Some positions at ANCR are designated. These are positions for which the successful candidate must meet bona fide requirements. Some positions are designated Indigenous, requiring an individual with Indigenous heritage (identified through self declaration) as well as strong cultural knowledge and experience. Other positions are designated French Bilingual, requiring the successful candidate to be able to provide service to both French and English speaking families in the language of their choice.


In a competition where multiple candidates demonstrate qualification and capacity for the posted position, the Indigenous candidate will be given preference. We strongly encourage Indigenous applicants to self declare.

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