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ANCR provides a range of emergency and non-emergency, protective and preventative services appropriate to support families, whatever the concerns may be. Together with our network of community partners and resources we strive to promote and support the safety and well-being of children and families by providing culturally appropriate, strength based child and family intake services.

After Hours Program

The ANCR After Hours Program responds to all child welfare emergencies outside of normal business hours, weeknights, weekends and holidays. All calls are assessed to determine if services are required. Emergencies receive appropriate service response. Further investigation, assessment and response are referred to day time programs for follow up.

Intake Screening Program

The Intake Screening Program receives and assesses calls for service. The staff team is available to speak with people regarding issues related to a child's safety and to hear any concerns they may have or any requests for support. The first consideration is whether the situation requires the services of CFS and to respond to any emergency conditions. If there is a need, a case is opened and streamed to Early Intervention, Intake Assessment or Abuse Investigation Programs. If no formal CFS intervention is needed, the child or family is referred to voluntary and community resources that are preventative in nature. The primary obligation of the Intake Screening Program is to ensure the safety and well-being of children at risk through appropriate referral.

Intake Assessment Program

The Intake Assessment Program provides broad assessment and planning services for children and families. They determine appropriate services under the CFS Act and assess whether children are in need of protection. The goal of the program is to intervene as necessary, respond to any emergencies, stabilize the presenting crisis and refer children and families to appropriate internal and external services and supports. The intake worker works together with all necessary parties including families, schools, police and agencies to establish a plan that ensures the safety and well-being of the child.

Abuse Investigation Program

Allegations of child abuse are investigated and assessed within this program on new referrals and on behalf of Child and Family Service agencies in the Winnipeg region. This centralized function is designed to provide a consistent approach to all abuse investigations. Specially trained investigators provide efficient investigations at the highest standard of practice possible. The Abuse Investigation Program coordinates the Abuse Committees for the four Child and Family Services Authorities, which monitor all abuse investigations.

Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program's (EIP) services represent a fundamental change in how child and family services are delivered. The emphasis is on prevention and early intervention to support families to care for their children at home.

Early intervention and prevention services assist families with staying together while ensuring that children are safe and protected. These services provide families with timely supports that can help them to address problems before they develop into crises. In this way, early intervention and prevention services promote healthier family relationships.

  • Service Teams - provide intensive and culturally relevant services that support families to prevent further child protection issues from developing and escalating.
  • Family Resource Centres - ensure accessible, wrap around services to families delivered through supportive prevention and intervention focused group and individual programs and services.
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