How We Operate

ANCR is incorporated by statute and operates as a separate agency, governed by a Board of Directors, and guided by the First Nations South Child and Family Services Authority.

Responsibility of Four CFS Authorities

The provision of ANCR services is the responsibility of all four Child and Family Services Authorities. Recognizing this responsibility a Joint Steering Committee which is comprised of members and agencies of First Nations North Manitoba Child and Family Services Authority, First Nations South Manitoba Child and Family Services, Métis Child and Family Services and the General Child and Family Services Authority oversees, advocates and reviews services and operations to ensure service continuity and consistency.

Child Abuse Committees

ANCR also ensures service quality and consistency through the work of four Child Abuse Committees.

Participatory Approach

ANCR takes a participatory approach to ensuring a safe and respectful workplace and to service development through various staff engaged processes, including a Work Place Safety and Health Committee and various other planning and development groups.

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