Mission, Vision & Values


To promote and support the safety and well being of children and families by providing culturally appropriate, strength based child and family intake services.


  • Our community is strong and diverse, honours all cultures, and is free from systemic barriers
  • Families are healthy, supported and empowered
  • Children are valued, respected and safe.


As an agency mandated to provide services under the Child and Family Services Act, ANCR is continually seeking ways to provide more culturally appropriate service. Our Mission, Vision and Values reflect our efforts to place strength based, culturally appropriate service in the forefront.

Communicating Respectfully

ANCR believes that everyone has a right to give and receive respectful communication, being open, truthful, kind, patient, inclusive and constructive in our interactions with each other.

Seeking Balance

ANCR strives to support all people as they seek balance and mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Honouring Diversity

ANCR recognizes, acknowledges, respects and celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of all people.

Empowerment and Advocacy

ANCR strives for the empowerment of children, families and communities and advocate for their participation and voice in the services we provide.

Professional Excellence

ANCR strives to provide a safe, ethical, supportive, accountable environment in our workplace and our community.

Valuing Relationships

ANCR believes the most successful road to our mission and vision is through partnerships with those who share the goal of keeping children safe and strengthening families. Our relationships with families and communities will be honest, transparent, accountable, reciprocal and authentic.

Practicing Humility

ANCR accepts that everyone has limitations and boundaries, and we are all responsible to learn from both our challenges and our successes.

Demonstrating Integrity and Accountability

ANCR believes we must act in open and truthful ways in all our interactions with each other and the community, accepting responsibility for our actions and honouring our commitments.

Modelling Courage

ANCR values the courage required to be honest with ourselves, with each other, with families and communities, and the ability to face challenges with kindness and compassion.

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